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Welcome to Vertical Man. Instead of telling you what Vertical Man is, I’d prefer to share with you our Mission Statement, Core Principles and Business Principles below.

If you agree with and share some or all of these sentiments, you’re probably going to get a lot of value from our site, products and social media accounts.

If not, you should probably stop reading and go find something better to do.

Please read our article ‘An Introduction To Vertical Man‘ for a fuller explanation to the below.

Mission Statement

Ascend. Grow. Live Vertically.

Core Principles

  • Be relentless in the pursuit of physical perfection
  • Remain in peak physical condition at all times
  • Protect and provide for those who depend on you
  • Create wealth via honesty, value and action
  • Master inter-sexual dynamics and the art of seduction
  • Be a man of order – disciplined, consistent and success-oriented
  • Live a life of strength, courage, honour and mastery
  • Become more, have more, and achieve more every day
  • Learn, study, implement
  • Be masculine, admired and envied – be a man of power and influence
  • Take personal and full responsibility for every area of your life

Business Principles

  • Grow a following, not followers
  • Bleed on the page – there is honour in honesty
  • Always add value – NEVER publish unless you have something to say
  • Be the exemplification of what you preach
  • Publish free content that others would gladly pay for
  • All paid content must be designed to change lives
  • Don’t be afraid to sell a quality offer
  • Never take sides. Never worship at the altar of others
  • Constant relentlessness in the pursuit of excellence

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